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What are the Benefits of Wood Fuel?

We all know how comforting it is to curl up in front of a log fire, and how much more efficient our biomass boiler is, but there is still a constant stigma that burning wood is killing the Earth.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you all the reasons why wood fuel is NOT as detrimental to the environment as you may think...

  • Many of the wood products that make up the biomass industry, including wood pellets and heat logs, are considered to be carbon neutral. This is because the plant absorbs as much CO₂ in its lifetime as it gives off when burnt.
  • Wood is a renewable energy source. Measures put in place by organisations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) ensure that wood is responsibly sourced, and that the woodlands are properly managed. Trees harvested from FSC® certified woodlands are guaranteed to be replanted.
  • Wood fuel carries a very low risk of ecological disasters caused by incidents such as oil spills. Most wildfires, or bush fires are actually caused by natural phenomena such as spontaneous combustion, lightning strikes, and sparks created by tumbling rocks.
  • Wood is cheaper to buy that many other fuels. You can also harvest wood off your own property. Just check that it’s seasoned before burning...
  • Though some wood is sourced from overseas, a great deal can also be sourced locally. No pipelines, tankers, or huge trucks are necessary.
  • Wood is a completely natural product and is free from hazardous toxins and chemicals.
  • Wood pellet fuel is simple and easy to produce, with no extra materials required. The pellets are simply moulded in to shape, and held there with their own lignin – a natural adhesive produced by plants.

We hope that you're already benefiting from the obvious perks of wood fuel. Whether it be the cost savings, the comfort, or the fantastic performance. Let us know what you love about wood fuel!