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A Word from our Customer Services Manager

Claire DeMico

"At CPL we genuinely care about customer service and are always striving to offer our customers a great buying experience from order, through delivery to after sales support. That’s not to say things don’t go wrong, particularly at the height of winter, but we will always do  our best to put things right.

This year we have been making significant improvements to our delivery fleet with the introduction of 13 new lorries and an automated vehicle routing system that is helping to plan our deliveries, to ensure that we always deliver on time.

This new system is allowing us to run a trial in a few selected areas, where we provide customers with a specific delivery date at the point of order. This is something our customers have been asking for, and provided we can make it work satisfactorily. We will be rolling it out on a wider scale in the near future.

In preparation for winter we have also taken on 15 new Customer Service Advisors who are currently undergoing an intensive training course on our products and procedures, ready to take your call."

Claire DeMico – Customer Services Manager