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What Logs are Best for Burning?

Wood has been the fuel of choice since we lit the first fire in cave dwelling times. And it still provides the warm and cosy fire that has heated our homes, and comforted our souls for centuries. But luckily, we have a bit more choice than our ancestors, and for those of us that are not too fond of foraging for firewood, Logs2U can help.

Logs must have their water content reduced to under 25% before they can be burnt on a fire, and this can take anywhere from a few months to over a year. Drying out logs is entirely possible, although it can be a long process. Of course, this is all dependant on the seasons, weather conditions, and the size of the wood to be dried. Some advise a drying time of up to two years for the optimum log, but for those of us with little time, little space, no freely accessible trees, or no abundance of patience, there is a simpler solution.

Logs2U kiln dried logs are dried to an average of less than 20% moisture, and are suitable for immediate use on multi-fuel stoves, wood burning stoves, and open fires. Our firewood is heated in a large kiln chamber, in which we can control both the temperature and the humidity. Kiln dried logs light easily, burn for a long time, and we deliver them in clean and tidy bags – not via wheelbarrow or in our arms.

Because our log drying kiln is so huge, we’re able to cope in cold periods when demand is high. We also source a great deal of our wood from responsibly managed forests, in an effort to reduce deforestation, reduce pesticide use, and reduce the cultivation of genetically modified trees.

Of course, with the right care and treatment, you can cultivate your own firewood, but we’re always here for those times when that just isn’t an option.