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9 Benefits of a Multi Fuel Stove

Having a multi fuel stove in your home doesn't just look good - it has a pile of other benefits too!

  1. Disaster Proof – If an incident like a storm cuts out the local power, you’ll still have a toasty fire to huddle around.
  2. Your Choice of Fuel – With a multi fuel stove, you can burn a variety of fuels to suit your needs and preferences. From logs, to smokeless and eco-friendly solid fuels. You don’t have to be dependent on the price and service of a power company.
  3. Efficiency – Solid fuels burn at a very high temperature, and usually for a very long time. A fire burning in the living room will often heat the rooms surrounding and above it as well. More environmentally friendly fuels are also undergoing constant development, so you can worry less about pollution and you carbon footprint.
  4. Condensation – Solid fuel heating can significantly reduce condensation, and the damp and mould that can occur as a result. Unlike other systems, there is no on/off facility to cause sudden temperature changes.
  5. Ventilation – Chimneys are constantly pulling fresh air through the house, and removing any polluted air.
  6. Beat Rising Energy Costs – You can rest assured that solid fuel manufacturers aren’t raking in the billions of pounds in profit that conventional energy companies are reported to. Yet we always endeavour to keep fuel prices as low, and as fair as possible.
  7. Smokeless Zone Safe – If you live in a smokeless area (or if your area ever became one) there are a variety of smokeless fuels for you to burn on your multi fuel stove.
  8. Off the Grid – Some people living in rural or outlying areas have no access to a gas main. A multi fuel stove is a fantastic option compared with the hassle of getting connected.
  9. Fireplaces look Lovely! – You really can’t beat a roaring fire on a cold winters day – especially when it’s snowing.

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