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Why a multi-fuel stove makes perfect sense

There are a huge number of benefits to having a multi-fuel stove installed at home. With today’s unpredictably rocketing energy prices, a multi-fuel stove allows you total control of your heating costs, doesn’t come with any unexpected bills, and will look great in any room.


Save Money

The chart below shows the comparative annual costs of heating an average sized room in England, Wales, and Scotland.




As you can see, burning Homefire Smokeless Coal has the lowest annual cost. This is especially good when compared against other heating types such as electric and gas, as burning solid fuels in one room is often enough to heat the whole house!

It’s also much cheaper to burn smokeless coal on a multi-fuel stove rather than an open fire, the efficiency of the stove dramatically increasing the performance of the fuel. Replacing an open fire with a multi fuel stove is a guaranteed way of seeing increased fuel savings, and although you will no longer be able to burn ordinary house coal, a huge range of more efficient smokeless coals will be at your disposal.


Increase Efficiency

Despite the stigma surrounding solid fuels, they’re actually a very efficient fuel to heat your home with. Solid fuels are able to burn at a very high temperature for a long time. A fire burning in a living room will often heat the rooms surrounding and above it as well.

Though any smokeless coal is significantly more efficient than ordinary house coal, you can also purchase more environmentally friendly fuels (like Ecoal50). We’re constantly developing our solid fuels to include more renewable material where necessary, and also manufacture Ecoal50, the first fuel in the world to be manufactured using 50% renewable materials!

You can also burn logs on a multi fuel stove. Click here to find out more about the benefits of wood fuel.


Other Benefits

Multi-fuel stoves have lots of other benefits – some which aren’t immediately obvious. We’ve taken the ones below from our blog post ‘9 Benefits of a Multi-Fuel Stove’.

  • Your heating is unaffected by power cuts.
  • You are free to choose from a variety of fuel including smokeless coals, logs, and heat logs.
  • The lack of sudden temperature changes from central heating systems can help reduce condensation and damp.
  • Chimneys constantly pull fresh air through the house – improving ventilation.
  • Multi-fuel stoves are ideal for people who live off the main gas grid and need a reliable way to keep warm.
  • Nothing beats the look and feel of a real fire on a cold day.


Do you have a multi fuel stove installed? Are you thinking about getting one? Let us know...