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5 Reasons to Stock up your Logs Early

Don’t leave your fuel until the last minute. Seasoning your own logs is a cheap and easy way to ensure a plentiful supply of firewood that can last you all throughout winter. In this blog post we’ll tell you the five reasons to stock up your logs early, and we’ve got a great offer for you, so stocking up your logs is a whole lot cheaper too!

Save £50! 80 nets of softwood logs for only £240!

  1. Buying now gives you plenty of time to dry out unseasoned logs, which are generally cheaper than kiln dried or seasoned logs.*
  2. Take advantage of the summer sunshine to ensure your logs are well seasoned. It can take over six months to properly season wood – with soft wood usually taking less time than hard wood.
  3. Well dried logs burn better, are less smoky, produce more heat, and they’re considerably less likely to cause damage to your stove or chimney! We recommend burning logs with a moisture level of 20% or less. If you don't have a probe to measure the moisture level of your legs, read our post 'How to tell if Logs are Seasoned' for the signs.
  4. If you have the space you can stock up for the whole winter, saving you worry and hassle later in the year. (And ensuring that you'll have a toasty crackling fire on Christmas day). Take a look at our lovely log stores if you need a bit more room.
  5. There’s no pressure for a speedy delivery, or a speedy unpacking of logs once they arrive. You can do everything at your own pace.

*Until the end of August 2014 you can buy a whole pallet of seasoned softwood logs for only £244.00 – saving you £50!