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A quick guide to solid fuel appliances

With the huge range of appliances on the market, it’s very easy to get a bit lost.

We’ve compiled this short guide to solid fuel appliances to try and make things a little easier.

Open Fire

An open fire has an unobstructed entrance to the firebox.

Multifuel Stove

A multifuel stove can operate with the doors open or closed. You can burn wood or smokeless fuels in this appliance.


A wood burner is designed for burning wood only. Most wood burners look identical to multifuel stoves, and can also be operated with the doors open or closed.


Roomheaters are also referred to as closed appliances. They are simple to control and react quickly to your heating needs. Roomheaters provide radiant heat for direct warmth, as well as creating a continuous flow of convected warmth, which circulates throughout the room. For efficient operation the doors must remain closed.


Cookers are also referred to as stoves. Unlike other stoves, these are used in the cooking of food items. The most common brands include Aga, Rayburn, and Esse.

Inset/Free Standing

Where an appliance is either set into a wall or standing in a fire surround, typically replacing an older appliance. Freestanding is more common in newer build properties, or where an inset installation was not possible.


Typically a free standing enclosed appliance providing heat for domestic heating and hot water.