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Burning Wood and Solid Fuel Together

Burning Wood and Solid Fuel TogetherIf you’re looking for a fire with the heat and longevity of solid fuel, as well as the lovely flames and aroma of a log fire, then a mix of fuel types might be ideal for you.

Save time

When you’ve got a busy day planned you probably don’t want to have to tend to your fire quite so often. Burning a solid fuel (we recommend Homefire Ecoal50) alongside logs or other wood fuel will help your fire burn hotter and for longer. An additional solid fuel can also be used to bank the fire, making it last even longer.

Protect your Appliance

Burning wood alongside other solid fuels is also beneficial to your appliance, helping to drive off the residual moisture content of the log. A ‘drier’ fire will help prolong the life of your appliance, removing moisture at a faster rate, and reducing the build up of tar.

Moisture can be devastating to some chimneys, accumulating in difficult to clean sections. Rust can also occur from regularly burning wood which is too wet.

Find everything in one place

At Logs2U we supply a great range of brand leading solid fuels to complement your order. You can choose from some of the UK’s most popular smokeless coals including Homefire Ovals, Ecoal50, and Taybrite.


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