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Environmentally Friendlier Wood Fuel

We work hard to ensure that all of our firewood is responsibly sourced, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the comfort of a real log fire without hurting the environment.

FSC Certification

Much of our wood fuel is sourced from sustainable FSC® certified woodlands within the UK. When you buy FSC® certified products from Logs2U you help to:

  • Prohibit the conversion of natural forests and other habitats around the world
  • Reduce the use of highly hazardous pesticides around the world
  • Reduce the cultivation of genetically modified trees
  • Build respect for the rights of indigenous peoples around the world

Carbon Neutrality

Many wood products including heat logs/ fire logs and wood pellets are considered to be carbon neutral fuels. This is because the plant absorbs as much CO₂ in its lifetime as it gives off when burnt. Most wood fuel is also locally sourced, reducing emissions from long distance transportation. The carbon cycle below shows how carbon neutrality works.


Carbon Cycle Diagram


Visit the FSC Website


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