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Happy Customers

Happy Logs2U Customers

If we've learnt one thing, it's to keep our customers happy! To surprise them, to go out of our way, and to go that extra mile to demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best service we can.

A Quality Service

Logs2U prides itself in having a quality service and delivering an unsurpassed level of service expectation, that's personal, friendly, professional and helpful too.

We invest a lot of time and money in to training our staff to the highest standards. We aim to ensure that you're always treated fairly, and with the respect and consideration that you deserve.

Service and Trust

Logs2U has a 200 year history with a pedigree as a national distribution company, serving individuals and families across mainland England and Wales.

Our customer base is in excess of 90,000 people and businesses. We supply solid and biomass fuels to our customers at home, and to some of the UK's largest supermarket chains and retail groups. Our Derbyshire based head office is located on the edge of the Peak District National Park and services your telephone calls and orders each and every day. Contact us .

Here's what our customers tell us about our service (and what they like about us)

  • Helpful advice on the telephone from knowledgeable staff
  • Clean, tidy, and fast deliveries by friendly and welcome drivers
  • High quality products with consistent standards
  • Great Online Ordering and Scheduled Order Service
  • Great prices and value for money
  • Professional standing
  • Organised and trustworthy