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How to Light a Log Fire

Read the guide below or watch our video to see how easy it is to light the perfect log fire...

Lighting a log fire

  • Taking a clean fire grate, put two firelighters against the back wall of the appliance in a V shape.
  • To make a combustion chamber around the firelighters, put 1 piece of kindling against the appliance's back wall. You should then place 4 or 5 more pieces of kindling against this first piece. Be careful to leave enough space so that you can reach the firelights to ignite.
  • Light the firelighters and wait until the kindling begins to burn.
  • Next, add your logs. Place one log flat on the grate at the front, one log leaning over the kindling on either side, and finally one log on top.
  • If using a closed appliance such as a stove, leave the door slightly ajar to allow sufficient air flow, and once the fire has taken hold, close the appliance door and fully open the air vents.

Simple and straight forward! You can now sit back and enjoy the lovely heat and aroma of your authentic log fire.


Alternatively, if you haven't got any kindling, you can try our 10 second guide to lighting your log fire - our quickest and simplest way to getting your fire roaring in no time at all.