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Log Suppliers

Renowned UK Log Suppliers - Local Log Deliveries

Logs2U is one of the UK's leading log suppliers which has built up a reputation as being trusted and credible wood fuel suppliers able to offer a local and personal service supplying kiln dried logs, seasoned logs, unseasoned logs , hardwood logs and softwood logs, Fire Logs , Firewood and other solid fuels too!

UK Log Suppliers


"We have a national wood fuel supply operation with 30 log supply depots throughout the UK"


Consistent UK Log Suppliers

As one of the largest log suppliers in the UK we ensure that we can supply fire logs even at the highest demand threshold of the year (typically October through to January) when other companies' log supplies run out.

As one of the major log suppliers in the UK, we have a diverse range of wood fuels and log products from unseasoned logs , seasoned logs and kiln dried logs too.

Our massive £300K production investment in kiln drying facilities allows us to store huge volumes of logs and then supply logs and firewood when seasoned logs supply sources literally dry up! (sic)


"Customers with a Scheduled Logs Order know that they will get a regular supply"


Regular log supplies

Firstly, we make this re-assurance of consistent log supplies to our regular customers by honouring their commitment with us by having a regular Scheduled Logs Order.  Customers with a scheduled logs order know that they will get a regular supply of logs direct to them  - giving them peace of mind and security.


Scheduled Logs Supply Order Service

Ordering logs to be delivered direct to you on a regular basis is easy and second nature to us. 

Just call us directly on 0845 4501163  and tell us what type of log fuels you want - kiln dried logs , seasoned logs , unseasoned logs , firewood , fire lighters etc. and how often you want them. 

It's as easy as making the phone call!

We then take your instructions and process your schedule delivery as requested. Call us today to ensure your wood fuel deliveries.