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Logs2U FAQs

These Frequently Asked Questions relate to orders, payments, and use of the Logs2U website. For questions relating to Logs2U products please click here.

Progressing an order

How do I order from Logs2U?

You can order securely online through our https payment gateway, or by telephone on 0345 450 1163 (Local call rates apply). Our customer services team are happy to answer your calls, Monday to Friday 8am until 8pm, and on Saturdays from 9am till noon.

What payment methods are there?

You can pay with a wide variety of credit and debit cards.  Please see the range of cards we can accept at the bottom of the page.

If I pay online will my transaction be secure?

We take all reasonable steps to ensure your online security. Payments are progressed through secure (https) gateways with SagePay or through PayPal - two of the world's leading secure online payment protection systems.

My credit card has not been accepted - how do I order?

Please telephone us if you have a problem with paying online. We can also progress payments over the telephone - 0345 450 1163.

I'm not sure which logs to order - Can you help?

Yes, of course. We have tried to anticipate and answer all your questions but if you can't find what you are looking for please give us a call, we're always happy to answer your queries. You can also find more information about our products in the Real Wood Guide.

Registration & Logging In

Where can I log in?

Once you have registered on the site, you can log in using the login button which is at the top centre of the page.

Where can I subscribe for offers and promotions?

Periodically, Logs2U will send email newsletters to customers with details of service developments, special offers and money off promotions. If you wish to unsubscribe at any time you can do so from any email we send to you or through your account page.

I've forgotten my password and I can't log in - help!

If you have forgotten your password you can change it to a new one - Change Password. Just enter your username or email address and we will send a new password to you by email. When you have logged back incorrectly, you can change your password to something more memorable.

Website Problems

There's a problem with using the website - what do I do?

If you experience problems with the website please use our Contact Form or telephone us.

The site says it is down for maintenance - how come?

Periodically, we may have to make changes to the website which means taking it offline. If this is the case it will usually display a notice when it is likely to be available again. If the site is persistently unavailable, please call us to place your order - 0345 450 1163.

I've placed an order but not had a confirmation email - why?

Our system automatically emails you on order completion so that you have a copy of your order information. If this is the first time we have sent an email to you it's most likely that your email provider or the email software you used has stopped the email we have sent from being delivered to you. Ask your provider to check and configure your email software to accept our email address and not mark it as spam. Email not delivered to your "inbox" is most likely delivered to a "Junk Mail" or "Spam" folder.


I wish to order and want my firewood delivered - how can I give you delivery instructions?

When you place your order, you can add delivery and other instructions to the order during the checkout process (before you pay for your goods). If we cannot meet your requirements we will call or e-mail you to discuss options.

I've placed an order - when will I get my delivery?

We aim to provide a prompt delivery service. Standard delivery is 5-7 working days, unless otherwise stated within the product description. We will keep you notified if we experience any delays regarding your order progress.

Will my logs get wet when being transported to me?

If it's raining then it is possible that they may get wet in transit.  However, we take all possible steps to ensure that wood remains dry during processing and transportation.

How much does it cost to get firewood delivered?

Delivery is free if you spend £50 or more with us.  For orders less than £50 in value there is a £10 delivery charge per item.

How do you deliver to me?

The answer to this question depends on what you order. 

Bagged product up to 50kg in weight is hand delivered direct to your coal bunker or log store by our own drivers. Whilst the horse and cart may have gone we still deliver these bags in the traditional way.  A CPL delivery driver hoists the bag onto his back and carries it down your garden path to where you want it.  Our delivery drivers are the best in the business, doing a physically demanding job in all weathers.  They are all extremely helpful, so providing you don't ask them to tackle an "assault course" of obstacles across your property they will deliver the bags to pretty much wherever you ask them to. 

Dumpy bags, pallets or crates greater than 50kg in weight are much more difficult to deliver because of the greater size and weight.  Product will arrive at your home on the back of a large truck, equipped with a tail-lift (no crane) and a hand pump truck for the driver to pull your palletised product off the vehicle.  The driver will try and place the pallet where you want it.  However, narrow entrances, gravel driveways, uneven or soft surfaces, and even moderate inclines are all obstacles that will restrict where the driver is able to drop your pallet.  This may result in a delivery to kerbside, and consequently you being faced with the task of physically moving the product to where you want it on your property.

You should notify us at the time of placing an Order of any vehicle access restrictions or issues that may prevent us from safely delivering your Order.  See our full terms and conditions for more information.

What happens if I'm not happy with my goods?

You can return your goods to us for whatever reason, within 14 days after delivery and receive a full refund.  Goods must be in original packaging.

Can you get firewood delivered anywhere in the UK?

No. We offer our service only to mainland areas of England and Wales. If you are in doubt, please contact us first. If we receipt orders for areas where we do not deliver to, you will be notified and your order will be cancelled and refunded.

General Help and Advice

I'm not sure what to order - can you help?

Yes, have a read through the Real Wood Guide, read any of our informational pages or call to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer services staff on 0345 450 1163 - they can advise you on the best type of products to buy for your stove, wood burning stove or multi-fuel appliance.

I can't find what I'm looking for - Can you help me?

Yes - there are different ways to assist. Top right of every page is our site search utility. Just enter the keyword you're looking for (hardwood logs, firewood etc.) and it will display all relevant pages.

You can also browse using the site menus. Those on the top are designed to make finding a product as easy as possible, whilst those in the footer are information pages about logs and wood fuels and the Logs2u business.

Alternatively, use our Log Buying Guide 

Have we answered your question? If not, click here to contact us.