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Coal Bunkers

Need more space to store your fuel? You can get 10% off any of our high quality and hard wearing coal bunkers. If you’ve got the space you can stock up for the whole winter, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Enter code S14 at the checkout to get 10% of any of these fantastic storage solutions!

Galvanised Coal Bunker with 10 Bag Capacity
14 reviews 86% Feefo
Galvanised Coal Bunker
13 reviews 77% Feefo
300 kg Capacity Black Plastic Coal Bunker - these plastic coal bunkers are also available in 600kg size
1 review 100% Feefo
300 kg Capacity Green Plastic Coal Bunker
8 reviews 100% Feefo
600 kg Capacity Green Plastic Coal Bunker - plastic coal bunkers also available in black
2 reviews 100% Feefo
Black Plastic Coal Storage Bin - 600 kg
6 reviews 100% Feefo