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Anthracite is a deep-mined, naturally smokeless product which you can buy in four sizes – beans, grains, small nuts and large nuts. Clean burning, reliable and always a popular choice with our customers, Anthracite can be used on a variety of appliances such as cookers, boilers and room heaters. When you purchase from us, you can also be assured that you are buying ‘black diamond’ Anthracite which is the highest quality available in the UK.

Anthracite Beans - 25kg prepacked
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15 reviews 100% Feefo
Anthracite Grains - 25kg prepacked
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16 reviews 81% Feefo
Anthracite Large Nuts - 25kg prepacked
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38 reviews 89% Feefo
Anthracite Small Nuts - 25kg prepacked
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0 reviews 0% Feefo