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Logs2U Kiln Dried Logs - premium kiln dried firewood

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs - for the fast, hot and beautiful log fire that you've been dreaming of!

Kiln Dried Logs are the most efficient logs for wood burning stoves and open fires. Thanks to their low moisture content of less than 20%, Kiln Dried Logs are easy to light, produce ample heat and a roaring flame! Kiln dried wood is also cleaner than seasoned wood so it's easier to store and there is less chance of your chimney being choked up with deposits. The low moisture content of kiln dried firewood also means it is lighter so it is easier to carry.

We have a range of high quality Kiln Dried Logs for sale, which can burn for up to three times longer than unseasoned wood. This is because our Kiln Dried Logs - as the name suggests are dried through a purpose built kiln which leaves less residual moisture on the logs so when they burn, the kiln dried firewood reaches higher temperatures quicker - and for a longer period!

You can burn kiln dried hardwood straight away - no extra drying time is required for kiln dried wood. Our long lasting Kiln Dried Logs are the perfect multi-functional fuel; you can also use the quality kiln dried wood we have for sale in pizza ovens, chimeneas, or braziers! 

Do you want to know more about kiln dried wood? Read more about the Benefits of Kiln Dried Logs.

As one of the major log suppliers in the UK, we can deliver your Logs2U fuel even during high demand periods of the year.

See below to view our full range of kiln dried logs for sale.

Size options

  • Bag


    Loose volume equivalent 0.03m³
    Lightweight and easy to move shower proof bags
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  • Large Bag

    Large Bag

    Loose volume equivalent 0.08m³
    Great value manageable shower proof bags
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  • Crates


    Strong and durable
    The most cost effective way to purchase logs
    Kerbside delivery
Hardwood Kiln Dried Ash Logs – Large Crate
Bulk buy
1 review 0% Feefo
Hardwood Kiln Dried Ash Logs – Standard Crate
1 review 100% Feefo
Kiln Dried Oak Logs - Large Crate
Bulk buy
0 reviews 0% Feefo
Hardwood Kiln Dried Oak Logs – Standard Crate
1 review 0% Feefo
Kiln Dried Hardwood Birch Logs - Large Crate
2 reviews 100% Feefo
Logs2u Hardwood Kiln Dried Birch Logs - Standard crate
1 review 100% Feefo
Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs - Small Bag
Special Price
125 reviews 96% Feefo
Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs - 1m3 Dumpy Bag
5 reviews 60% Feefo
kiln dried logs large bag
Special Price
330 reviews 95% Feefo