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Maintaining your Wood Burning Stove

Maintaining your Wood Burning Stove

Looking after your multi-fuel or wood burning stove will help you to improve efficiency, increase safety, and save money.

Daily Checks

  1. When burning wood and other solid fuels it’s important to regularly empty the ash pan. Do not allow the level of ash to build up and come into contact with the underside of the grate as the heat generated by the ash will cause distortion. A ‘tippy’ container can help with safe disposal of the ash. Ensure that the ash pit door is firmly replaced. This door should be airtight, thus preventing uncontrolled air entering the combustion process and causing over-firing.
  2. If the fire door glass is becoming discoloured clean with either a recognised product designed for stoves, or vinegar and newspaper. Do not use any form of abrasive cleaner as this may result in minute scratches on the surface of the glass.

Weekly Checks

  1. Remove and clean the stove throat/baffle plate. Do not allow deposits and /or debris to collect as this will impede the route of the combustion gasses into the chimney flue.

Bi-annual Checks

  1. Sweep the off take pipe and chimney flue. Always check that the sweeps brushes show out of the top of the chimney, and check the brushes for signs of condensate.
  2. Check that the rope seals around the fire door are sealing correctly.
  3. If the stove needs to be left unlit for long periods of time, thoroughly clean the firebox, remove the ash, and leave the fire door ajar. The flow of air will help to prevent corrosion in the system.
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