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Product Weights, Sizes and Volumes

Logs2U sells logs and firewood only by approximate volume

The handy illustrations below display the approximate dimensions for our wood fuel, logs and firewood products and can be used as a guide when buying logs. Weights of logs vary and are dependant upon moisture content and wood densities, therefore all wood fuel products are sold by approximate volume (this is a legal requirement too) of the product packaging.

If you are tempted to buy logs by weight or by a lorry load from another source, you could just be paying for a lot of water.

Volume and dimensions of Logs and Firewood

We supply firewood and logs with you in mind. Our logs and firewood are cut to a regular size that should fit most open fires, stoves, and appliances.

All logs are cut to a length of approx 255mm (25.5 cm's) plus or minus 20mm. However, due to the nature of wood (unusual shapes and sizes), this is not always possible to achieve, so you may, on a rare occasion, have to cut wood to meet the measurements of your particular stove or wood burning appliance.


Please note that we only supply logs and firewood by approximate volume.

We do this by packaging logs and firewood into bags. Due to the nature of packing logs and firewood in this way, the actual bag dimensions and volume of each individual bag is relative to the product packaging and not the content. The dimensions we state and display are for your guidance and are taken from an average of packaged products and therefore sizes, volumes and dimensions may vary to those advertised. We endeavour to pack each bag so that you get great value. Read our handy guide to buying logs online so that you get yourself the best deal for your money.

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