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Registration Benefits

Registered Users get more choice and more value

There are lots of reasons to become a Logs 2U Customer and here are some of the reasons why our customers tell us we are their Number 1 choice for their wood fuel supplies and solid fuels.

The Number 1 Choice

  • Helpful advice on the telephone
  • Speed of deliveries
  • Friendly and welcome drivers
  • High quality products
  • Consistent standards
  • Online Ordering
  • Scheduled Order Service
  • Knowledgeable, trained staff
  • Great prices and value for money
  • Professional standing
  • Clean and tidy deliveries
  • Organised and trustworthy
  • Always willing to help


As a registered user of our website, you get to see a great deal more than non registered users. Discover the extended range of benefits we can offer by registering now .

Get More Value

Logs2U Registation Benefits

Extended Features

When you login to the website for the first time, a new Personalised Menu called "Your Menu" will appear on the left hand side of the screen, under the "Buy Logs Online" menu. This new menu is only visible to logged in, registered users.

Your Personalised Menu lists the following sub-menus

Offers - This will feature unique offers, money off promotions, discounts and incentives which are only available to registered users. 

News - Logs 2U updates which tell you about service enhancements and company news

Links - Links to partner websites and useful resources

Charcoal - Brand Leading Charcoal products to complement your order.

More Discounts! Registered users can also opt to receive our e-newsletters which feature offers, news, promotions and discounts other people don't have access to. You don't just get to see offers from Logs2U, but also from our other brand leading websites for garden products and accessories and solid fuels too.

How to register

Discover value and benefits by registering now . Just create a username and password and thats it. You can begin to use these additional features straight away.