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Scheduled Orders

What is a scheduled order?

A scheduled order is designed to make ordering simple and easy.  Place an order as normal and then arrange for that order to be repeated multiple times to a schedule that you set. When you have told us which dates you would like to receive your product, we will arrange multiple deliveries based on your requirements.  A scheduled order with us is totally flexible.

What are the benefits of a scheduled order?

  • Total flexibility - change or cancel your order at any time
  • Schedule orders for next week, next month or next year
  • Save the hassle of having to re-order your favourite products
  • Payment is only taken when each new delivery is processed
  • Receive a reminder five days before your next delivery

How do I set up a scheduled order?

  1. Place an order through our website as normal
  2. On the order confirmation page, you will then be invited to set up a scheduled order
  3. Follow the simple steps to set up a scheduled order and then sit back whilst we take care of keeping you stocked up with fuel