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The 10 Second Guide To Lighting A Log Fire

Looking for a quicker way to lighting your log fire? Or simply haven't got enough kindling to get the fire started? Our simple 10 second guide to lighting a log fire will get your fuel burning in no time at all - so you can sit back and enjoy a nice, cosy evening in front of the fire.

The key thing to remember about lighting a fire is creating a combustion chamber with sufficient airflow going through to enable the fire to take hold.

Using this method you should be able to get a fire started within seconds:

1) Lay a log, preferably kiln dried, down in your fire 

2) Place a second log into this space so that the two logs form a 'V' shape on the bottom of the grate

3) Add firelighters into the middle of the 'V' shape, and light

4) Once lit, insert a third log on top of two logs so that it forms a bridge over the burning firelighters

5) This should form a makeshift combustion chamber and the three logs should begin to burn, thus creating your fire

Remember that the key to this is making sure there is enough air passing through into the firelighters. 

Once the three logs are burning sufficiently then you can begin to add further fuel to your fire and create a full, blazing log fire. All that's left to do is sit back and enjoy the heat, sounds and smell that only a natural log fire can bring. 

If you've got an alternative method to lighting your log fire, we'd love to know. Visit our Facebook page to let us know your preferred method of getting your fire started.