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Wood Burning

Burning wood as a fuel

Wood BurningWood burning in the UK has become very popular in the last few years as more and more people have come to recognise the benefits of using wood for burning.

Burning wood has great benefits

The number of UK people choosing to swap from other sources of heating and solid fuels to burning wood as a method of heating or for social uses like burning wood logs in a chimenea or a garden firepit has been significant in the last few years.

Burning Wood

Wood burning emits a lovely aroma and if you use seasoned logs or kiln dried logs you will get extra benefit of producing more heat from dried logs.

Logs 2U sources firewood logs for burning from sustainable woodlands, so you can be sure that whenever you buy wood logs from Logs2U (where indicated in the product description) it will always be from a well managed woodland or forest.

 Burning wood benefits

  • Wood is easy to store and burn
  • Great aroma when burning
  • Small amount of ash
  • Dried wood burns at a higher temperature
  • Burning wood is eco friendly


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